Meeting your needs

Graham Bayes Mid Coast Funeral Services does whatever it takes to service the needs of your family.

While located in Port Macquarie, Wauchope and Laurieton, we will meet with you at your convenience to make arrangements for a funeral service, planning ahead, headstone or plaque inquiries, or any other question or concern you may have regarding final arrangements for you or a loved one.

Helping Hands Image  We provide...
* funeral arrangements
* transfers of deceased
* cremations
* burials
* headstone and monument requirements
Question Image  We can advise on...
* pre-paid and pre-planned funerals
* coffins and caskets
* flowers
Checklist Image  How, Who, What...
* we help you write a eulogy
* we assist you notifying others of a death
* we advise on cost assistance
* we can help you organise your orders of service
* frequently asked questions
Medallions  We specialise in...
* memory medallions
* headstones
* memorial plaques

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What to do when someone passes away

From a Nursing Home From a Nursing Home

Upon entry into a nursing home, it is normal for the resident or family to nominate a funeral home of their choice.  Read More →

Suddenly or in an Accident Suddenly or in an Accident

If a loved one dies accidentally or suddenly, the police and emergency services will be the first people contacted.  Read More →

From Hospital From Hospital

The family will contact the funeral director and ensure that they are okay for a transfer to be made.  Read More →

From Home From Home

If a loved one passes away at home, please contact your doctor, and if it was unexpected, also contact the emergency services.  Read More →