Planning Ahead

at_grave_sideTo think ahead and plan a funeral is a wonderful thing to do, both for you and your family.  There are two options available – pre-paid and pre-planned funerals.  Please just call or contact us and we can arrange for further information on planning ahead, and even help you through it.

Pre-Arranged – planned now, and paid for when enacted
Pre-Paid – planned and paid for now, to be used when the time comes

Pre-Paid Funerals

What is a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

A pre-paid or pre-arranged funeral can be a written contract between you and your funeral director, which allows you to lock in prices at today’s costs.

Pre-paid arrangement can be done in:

(a)   Installments

(b)   A lump sum

(c)   Direct debit

We can further explain in a FREE consultation at your convenience in our office or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


  • There is no selling, it is only information
  • Pre-paid or pre-arranged funeral plan can thoughtfully relieve some of the trauma, stress and financial responsibility (that can effect family and loved ones).
  • An opportunity NOW to have an open family discussion about your preferences. Pre-paid funeral plans are covered by Legislation in most states of Australia.
  • Your funeral director can carry out the service as nominated by YOU in ANY location or town in the future.
  • All pre-paid funeral plans monies are invested according to government regulations and in government approved entities, i.e Funeral Plan Management, Sure Plan, Bendigo Bank etc.
  • No health restrictions
  • The pre-paid investment is exempt from Centrelink & Department of Veteran Affairs asset and income test.
  • Peace of mind knowing your affairs are in order.
  • You provide a written guideline NOW for family and loved ones to follow in the future.

Plan Ahead……

Money is often set aside for retirement, insurances and rainy days etc. It is also possible to plan ahead for a funeral service in a similar manner.

Pre-planning or pre-paying a funeral service is an extension of making a will. This allows you NOW to nominate any special thoughts you may have, regarding funeral arrangements for the future. This will eliminate a lot of stress and financial responsibility to family and your loved-ones.

You can alter the arrangements at any time.

Your pre-paid funeral funds will be invested in the government approved entity of your choice.

The Benefits of Pre-planning

A few decisions that will save your family a lot of anguish later are that you can select a few options such as:

  • The type and style of funeral
  • Whether you would prefer burial or cremation
  • Location of cemetery or crematorium
  • The type and style of coffin or casket
  • The type of death notices, funeral vehicles and flowers
  • Special features in the service, such as a poem or a piece of music
  • The wishes of your family and friends
  • How much you want to spend

A pre-planned funeral provides you with an opportunity to have the type of service you desire, minimising the stress on your family at a time when they appreciate it.  There are no costs to this option at the time of planning, it is simply planning ahead for what you would like to occur, and recording it so it can be carries out at the time.

The choice and issues you may consider and discuss now may include: –

  • type of coffin or casket
  • burial or cremation
  • type of music and/or songs
  • place of service (church, graveside, local club, park, residence, etc.)
  • poems or special sharing

Pre-Arranged Funerals

Pre-arranged funerals cover the same details that are involved in pre-paying a funeral.  The difference is that they are then kept on record with the funeral company, but not paid for until the time of the funeral.  Taking the opportunity to arrange your own funeral may seem disconcerting and difficult, but trained and caring staff can walk you through the process so that you are comfortable knowing that the celebration of your life will be as you desire.

Obviously, the benefit of this is that you are able to arrange the details of your funeral as you would like them, but the disadvantage is that then they would be paid for at the price of the day.