About Mid Coast Funeral and Cremation Service

Mid Coast Funeral and Cremation Service, previously known as Graham Bayes Mid Coast Funerals, is the only independent, local family-owned and operated funeral home in Port Macquarie.

As a family business, operated by the Gough family, it has faithfully served the community for many years.

We service the mid-north coast with offices located in Port Macquarie and Wauchope.

Please do not let our office locations be a hindrance to a meeting, as your family home may well be the meeting place where you feel most comfortable.

Our Care…..

The Gough family and their caring team, take tremendous pride in offering a personalised service that meets the needs of yourself and your family.

A funeral is a personal time that is for reflecting on the life of a loved one.  For some that may mean a celebration of a life, for others, an intimate family gathering.

There are very few rights or wrongs in this, but the caring team at Mid Coast Funerals will support you and your family through this journey.

Our Services to You…..

What does it take to offer a personalised funeral for your loved one?

Whatever you want, because you and your family needs come first.

While the team can offer a variety of traditional service programs, anything that will make the service an accurate and reflective memory of your loved one will be a priority.


Mid Coast Funeral & Cremation Services
168 Gordon St, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444.

Also known as Graham Bayes Mid Coast Funerals