Funeral Options

We provide funeral options for either a Cremation or Burial. On this page we outline those options to help you understand the choices.

The processes available to us in Australia for honouring a loved one is to have a burial or a cremation.  Within those two processes, there are a few options and alternatives to consider.


Cremation is an option that is taken up by in excess of 80% of people living on the Mid North Coast.  Given our multi-cultural nature, this option is appropriate and relevant for many families. When opting for a cremation, the use of a chapel and facilities can be arranged by us at your request.

On the Mid-North Coast, there are a number of crematorium options available. Each of the locations offer a service venue that is comfortable and private, and can be booked from our office.

The regional council operated venues available for cremation and a service on the Mid North Coast are:

All services at the Innes Gardens Chapel at the Port Macquarie Lawn Cemetery are on the hour and are of a maximum 40 minutes duration. Double bookings can be made for known longer services.

It is not necessary for a service to be held at the crematorium in order for a cremation. The service itself may be held at any venue (club, beach, residence, etc), church or chapel, and then the options would be: –

  • A private cremation – made up of invited family and guests only
  • A public cremation – any guest may attend
  • A direct transfer – where no family or guest is in attendance (this option is often used if most remaining family live in another area, and is then used in conjunction with a memorial service at a convenient time)


Burial is an option that involves the purchase of a grave site at a cemetery of your choice. The cost includes the plot and the ongoing maintenance of the site, while the prices will vary upon the choice of cemetery.

While a grave may be the final resting place of a loved one, the opportunities to reflect and remember are varied and may include the following: –

  • A service at a church or premises, followed by either a private or public burial at the cemetery
  • A graveside service, fully conducted at the grave site at the cemetery
  • A direct burial, with no guest in attendance

Graveside services, or those at another location, will be dictated to by the schedule of the location.

Ceremony Options


We have the provision for all of your floral options including casket arrangements, single stems, or posies.  Most times we can accurately provide for all of your requests, working within the bounds of seasonal availability.

This can all be done within a determined amount to suit your budget requirements


For the service, the internment or cremation, or simply for remembrance, we have available to you a number of items that can enhance the remembering of your loved one.

Ash Options

We have a range of urns, pendants and containers for ashes available to suit many and varied needs.

Sea Burials

There are certain regulations around burials at sea, but please talk to us if that is a preferred option.

Post-service Refreshments

After the service, one of the most important aspects in remembering a loved one is to gather together for refreshments, drinks, and story-telling.  There are many options available to you, either to be catered for at a private location, or to gather at a venue for a celebration and reflection.


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